Excerpts from the

History of Greenup County Kentucky

By Nina Mitchell Biggs

Published 1951


Jesse Boone, unlike Daniel, was active in all of the early affairs of the county and town. As on e of the town fathers, he aided in the organization of the courts, both quarter sessions and circuit, and also in the planning of roads. He owned much land above Greenup, and Mrs. Juliet Hockaday Collins has two deeds given by Jesse Boone to her great grandfather, John Hockaday. The Boone family has been widely scattered and little is known of their descendants. Jesse Boone is buried in the Shuff Graveyard near East Fork, having died at the home of Matilda Hood Davidson, daughter of pioneer, Andrew Hood.

Andrew Hood was a true pioneer, having lived within the present bounds of the county before it was organized. He and his wife, Mary Kane, came from Virginia and lived two miles above the Little Sandy River. It was in Andrew Hood’s home that the town fathers met to organize the county; and also where they met to organize both the quarter sessions and the circuit courts. Thomas Hood, a brother of Andrew, was also one of the town fathers. Hood’s creek, below Ashland was named for Andrew Hood and Hood’s Run in the Tygart Valley, was named for Thomas Hood.

Seriah Stratton came from Mason County to Greenup and was one of the town fathers. Nothing can be learned about his family, but we find among the old marriage license records Ann Stratton married Jacob Friend in 1808; that Jane Stratton married Nelson Brown in 1810; and that James Stratton married Elizabeth McGuire in 1815. These three were no doubt the children of Seriah Stratton, as his name appears on the marriage records as the parent.

Note:  We are working on the Founding Families of Greenup County, Kentucky. Hopefully we will be able to fill in the blanks on what happened to some of the families of our founding fathers.